Como falo em inglês: mais um, mais dois, mais três

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Dec 01
Como falo em inglês mais um, mais dois, mais três

Hi, all. No episódio de hoje, falo sobre como dizer “mais um”, “mais dois” e assim por diante, em inglês.


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Everyone, today is the day we’re all going to get used to saying “mais um”, “mais dois”, “mais três” the right way. In English, of course.

No more “more one“, “more two“, “more three“. No! We’re going to listen to lots of examples, because I want you to get familiar with the right way to say “mais três” in English. It’s more than just that, actually – I want you to become so accustomed to the right way of saying it that the next time you’re about to utter something like “more three” you will immediately correct yourself.

Imagine you’re in a bar having beer with a couple of friends. You’re almost done with your beer and you would like one more. You’d like to have one more beer. The waitress approaches your table and you say “One more beer, please”. And then your friend says “Oh, and one more side of french fries.” That’s right: you guys are having some fries with your beer but, as it turns out, one serving of fries wasn’t enough so your friend is ordering one more serving. One more beer, one more side of french fries.

Imagine if every morning you had one more hour to stay in bed. Maybe two more hours! Now, think of something you have done that did not end well. Let’s say you tried your hand at some sport and you failed. Let’s say it was capoeira. You failed miserably! Now imagine if the opportunity showed up for you to try it one more time.

And here’s a very common sitch in my life: I buy, let’s say, a shirt. Next day, I realise I love it; it fits me perfectly, I love the fabric and I decide I want two more of that shirt. So I go back to the store and buy two more shirts just like the one I bought the day before. Sometimes I buy three more units of that thing I love – of course, I don’t do it all the time.

And here’s one more example: let’s say you are giving some instructions… to someone. You tell them “Do this, then do that, and be careful about this. Understood?” And they say “Understood.” And then you think of one more piece of instruction you have to give that person, and you say “Oh, one more thing: Don’t forget to shut the door when you leave.” One more thing, one more time.

Now let’s say you’re the office manager and you’re in charge of purchasing all the office supplies. Supplies are running low so you decide to call the shop and put in an order for two cases of pens, three packs of printer paper and ten notepads. Only the next day you realise you under-ordered. So you call the shop again and you say “I need to amend my order: I actually need one more case of pens, so that’s a total of three cases; two more packs of printer paper, so that’s a total of five packs; and three more notepads – a total of thirteen pads.” One more case of pens, two more packs of printer paper, three more notepads.

So I would like to ask you: which of the situations I just described have you been through?

  • Did you ever tell the waiter “One more beer, please” or one more coke, or one more side of fries?
  • Have you ever wished you had one more hour to stay in bed?
  • Have you ever gone back to a shop to pick up one more, or two more of that thing you bought that you loved so much?
  • Have you ever given instructions to someone and when you thought you were done, you remembered something and you said “One more thing”?
  • Have you ever placed an order and then later remembered you needed two more of this item and three more of that item?

Let me know! One more time: let me know… And talk to you next time.




  • one more, two more, three more, etc



utter = falar – usado no sentido de “dizer as palavras ou a frase”, e não no de “conversar”

one more side of french fries = mais uma porção de batata frita

as it turns out = no fim das contas

sitch = forma mais curta, informal, de “situation”

Edmar 14/12/2014

I have some questions, could you answer me? what does “tried your hand” and “sitch in my life” means? thank you from now.

oh, and congratulations, you’re a such didactic, I really like the podcast

Regis 09/12/2014

I was recently in Augsburg Germany to work and at night I went to bar and asked a beer. At last, I called the waitress and said, one more beer please.

Fernandes 09/12/2014

Hi, it is a very good work your have been doing.
Thanks and congratulation.


Fátima Regina 05/12/2014

Hi Ann, good friday!

I tried twice and I didn’t get to put my example here.
Thanks, for more one podcast!

Valter 03/12/2014

Recently, I bought a product in Americanas store on Black Friday day, because the things were really cheaper than on normal days, but thinking more, I decided to buy one more item.

jonata fontela 03/12/2014

Hey Ana, another great episode ! Thanks… I hope you’re doing fine there in London !!!!!!!

Caroline Kotowiski 02/12/2014

Lately I have wished one more hour in bed. My vacation is getting close and it seems like my brain is shouting “you’re exhausted”. (Please, correct me, Ana!)

Thanks for the podcast!

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