Podcast: Como usar whatever e whichever em inglês

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Aug 03
Inglês Online Como usar whatever e whichever em inglês

Hello, everyone. No episódio de hoje do podcast Inglês Online, eu falo sobre uma diferença básica entre as palavras whateverwhichever em inglês e dou exemplos de como usá-las.


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So today I will talk about the basic difference between whatever and whichever and give you examples of how to use both. I’m not gonna cover all the ways you can use one or the other; rather I’ll focus, like I said, on the most basic way to use them.

whatever e whichever em inglês

Whatever language you choose, it’s important to listen to it.

Do you remember the difference between WHICH and WHAT? Let’s recap: which is the better option when you’re referring to a limited set of options that is known to the people having a conversation. If you ask someone “What’s your favourite movie?”, you’re asking that person to choose from an almost infinite number of possibilities – like, every movie known to man. Now, if you show three DVDs to that person, you could say “What’s your favourite?” but “Which one is your favourite? ” is better here. Why? Because you’re asking them to choose from the three options you presented before you asked the question.

So the examples I’m going to show you using whatever and whichever follow the same rule, so to speak. So if someone tells you “Whatever language you decide to learn, it is important to listen to it.” Out of all the languages of the world, whatever language you choose, it’s important to listen to it. If someone says “You can buy whatever you like in the supermarket. It’s on me” they’re giving you complete freedom – they will pay for any products you choose to buy without restriction. If your teacher tells you “whatever degree you’d like to pursue, I can help you” that means that you could choose any degree in the world and they will be able to help you.

Now, if the same teacher says “In order to have my guidance you have to pick Geography, History or Social Sciences. So whichever one you choose, I will be able to assist you”… That teacher laid out three options for you – here, you have limited choice. If you go with one of these three options, they will be able to help you – whichever one you choose. If that other person said, “You will find five kinds of yoghurt at that supermarket. Whichever one you buy is fine” – again, you will find only five options. And finally, you might be telling that first person that you’re thinking about learning an Asian language – like Japanese or Korean. So that person might tell you “Whichever one you choose (out of the limited set of Asian languages) will be a great addition to your education.”

I would like to see your examples for whatever and whichever. Let me know in the comments, and talk to you next time!

Key expressions

  • whatever
  • whichever



so to speak = por assim dizer

it’s on me = é comigo (eu estou pagando)

laid out = apresentou, expôs



About the Author

Ana Luiza criou um blog de dicas de inglês em 2006, e depois de muito pesquisar o que faz alguém ganhar fluência numa segunda língua, criou seu primeiro curso de inglês em 2009.

  • Ricardo Y says:

    Fiquei com uma duvida, quando se fala “whichever one you choose” whichever one you buy” podemos tirar o “one” e falarmos, whichever you buy/choose… Desse jeito esta certo ou näo?

  • Ricardo Y says:

    “Whichever way you look at it, things are pretty bad.”
    “Whichever podcast you wanna make it. It will be a top-notch one.” Hey Ana , I haven’t used “whichever ” so far. But after this podcast, it’ll definetly be part of my vocabulary.tks….

  • Mateus Lima says:

    Thanks for the episode!

    You can go whatever place you want.

    Bolwing or Cinema, wichever you want to go?

    Am I right?

    • Mateus Lima says:

      Oh, I missed with the words “to” and “whichever”.

    • Ana Luiza says:

      Oi Mateus!

      Neste seu exemplo, a gente diz “Which one do you want?” (pois vc já nomeou as opções)

      “Whichever” é usado quando as opções estão indefinidas.


  • Val says:

    Whatever the country you choose to travel I will go with you.

    Whichever any country you choose to travel where the English is the main language, will be good for you.

  • Iran says:

    Hi Ana, in my podcast app for android (antennapod) the audio of this episode is the same of the previous one: Does punctuation matter? Yes, it does!

    Hope you can you fixe it.


  • Darley says:

    They are all right. The link isn’t correct, it lead us to the last podcast audio. Thanks! See you!

  • Débora says:

    Hi, Ana Luiza!
    It’s about one of your last podcasts, you repeated the same one here. Podcast: Does punctuation matter? Yes, it does!

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