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Podcast: Award-winning, mouth-watering

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Mar 22
Inglês Online Award-winning, mouth-watering

Hello, all.  Hoje falamos sobre um tipo muito comum de compound adjectives, ou adjetivos compostos em inglês – o tipo que termina com -ing.


ingles show-stoppingHello, all. This is the new episode of the Inglês Online podcast.

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So today let me give you some examples of one type of compound adjectives. Don’t mind the name compound adjective, it’s not that important. Hear this: I live in an English-speaking country. The adjective here is “English-speaking”. A country that speaks English, or a country whose people speak English, is an English-speaking country.

Now this one: I live in a block that is full of gym-going people. What does “gym-going people” mean? It means “people that go to the gym”. They frequent the gym; they are gym-going people. Now, my favourite actor gives award-winning performances. Award-winning performances. That means that his performances will win this actor some awards. His talent will win him a few awards. He gives award-winning performances.

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Look at the image on this post: there are several examples of the type of adjective I’m talking about here. Jaw-dropping, barn-storming, heart-breaking, show-stopping and award-winning – they’re all used to describe an actress’ performance in a musical.

So let’s take a closer look at a few of them. Sometimes you see something that makes your jaw drop in amazement, or in shock. Something that makes your jaw drop is jaw-dropping. That actress’ performance is jaw-dropping. A jaw-dropping performance.

If you’re watching a movie and it moves you deeply to the point of tears, you could say the story is heartbreaking. It’s a heartbreaking movie. Or it’s a movie that tells a heartbreaking story. It just breaks your heart when you watch it. It’s a heartbreaking story. So that actress’ performance is also heartbreaking, according to the poster.

Here are other common examples: I saw some mouth-watering strawberries at the market this morning. They looked so ripe and tasty, they made my mouth water. Those strawberries were mouth-watering. In my personal opinion, there is a lot of mouth-watering food everywhere you look. Whenever I go to the market, my mouth waters. Seriously. Bread, cheese, some fruit, pizza and so on. All mouth-watering food.

Now think of a couple that has been in a long-lasting relationship. Their relationship has lasted for a long time. This is an extremely common adjective to describe not only relationships, but also partnerships or any other kind of agreement that started years ago and is still going. Are you in a long-lasting relationship?

So give me your example. What’s the last film you watched that made your jaw drop? Let me know in the comments, and talk to you next time!


Key terms

compound adjetives: jaw-dropping, long-lasting, heartbreaking, etc



don’t mind the name = não ligue para o nome

something that makes your jaw drop = algo que faz seu queixo cair

it moves you deeply = ele te emociona profundamente

breaks your heart = te emociona muito, te faz até chorar (geralmente de tristeza, etc)

made my mouth water = me fizeram saliva



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  • Wellington says:

    Hello Ana Lúcia.

    The latest jaw-dropping movie that I watched is called Interstellar. It’s almost a perfect movie! I recommed you to see it if you like of sci-fi movies.

    Thank for you podcast. You are jaw-dropping teacher! kkkk

    • Ana Luiza says:

      Hi Wellington,
      (it’s Ana Luiza, not Lucia!)

      Thanks for the recommendation. I still have to catch up on the latest Star Wars episode..

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