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Podcast: Idioms com GOLD

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Aug 13
Inglês Online Idioms com GOLD

Hey, everyone.  Hoje eu falo sobre alguns idioms do inglês com a palavra gold. Confira!


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So today we have a few idioms with the word gold. I remember that, a number of years ago, someone referred me to a web developer and said, “He’s gold.” That’s quite a compliment. My friend said that the web developer was gold. That means he thinks the guy is great, has lots of qualities – he is gold.

So that one’s very easy. Here’s another idiom that you’ll hear a lot when you watch American movies and TV shows: gold digger. Gold digger. It’s usually applied to women, but it could be said of anyone, really, who gets in a relationship with someone wealthy, so that they’ll benefit from all that wealth.

We see that a lot in movies, don’t we? And sometimes in real life as well. A girl starts dating a very rich man that she wouldn’t otherwise date. The guy’s rich, showers her with presents, takes her to expensive restaurants and boat cruises, gives her a lot of jewellery and so on. A lot of people would call that lady a gold digger because, for them, it’s obvious that she would not be with that man if it weren’t for his wealth. So that’s a gold digger.

Let’s change the tune a little bit – our next idiom is strike gold. When someone strikes gold, that means something great has happened to that person. Their life has become better in some way. Maybe they hired a new employee for their company and struck gold. Why? Because that new employee turned out to be amazing and your business is doing much better now that you have them on board. You struck gold with this new employee.

Or maybe your friend Jennie bought a second hand car last year and everyone knows by now that she struck gold. She stopped having car troubles when she bought that car. It’s super efficient, reliable, safe, requires little maintenance, easy to park and manoeuvre… Jennie really struck gold with that car.

And let’s wrap up the episode with one more “gold” idiom: a heart of gold. We say that in Brazil, don’t we? It means the same in English. We all know people who have a heart of gold. They’re just good people: generous, caring, giving. Someone with a heart of gold is usually someone who will do good things for others without expecting things in return. They just do stuff out of the goodness of their hearts. When you hear this idiom – heart of gold – is there someone who immediately comes to your mind? Is there someone close to you, or maybe someone you’ve worked with at the same office, who has a heart of gold?

And here’s something else I wanna know – when have you struck gold in your life? Maybe you met someone special a while ago – for a romantic relationship, or simply a friendship – and when you think of that person you feel you’ve struck gold. I certainly feel that way about some people in my life! I wanna hear your stories – let me know, and talk to you next time!

Key expressions

  • gold (adjective)
  • gold digger
  • strike gold
  • heart of gold



she wouldn’t otherwise date = ela não sairia (com o homem) se a situação fosse diferente (se ele não fosse rico)

now that you have them on board = agora que você tem ele/ela (them é usado aqui para comunicar ele ou ela) na sua equipe


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  • walkiria says:

    Well, I can say I struck gold when I’ve met my husband. He really could have attracted someone for being a gold digger, but it would be a pitty. He has a heart of gold and it , in my opinion, is a real mine of gold and much more important than all the rest.
    On another hand I’ve met people who have a heart of gold in my entire life and I believe that there are a bunch of them throughout the world. Ah, one of my strikes of gold in life is havind find Ingles Online. Thank you.

  • Albukerk says:

    Another amazing podcast from Ana Luiza. This is the best website for practing listening.
    Thank you a lot Ana.

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