Podcast: Do you look stuff up when you’re watching a movie?

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Dec 05
Inglês - Podcast Do you look stuff up when you’re watching a movie

Hi, all. Nesse episódio do podcast Inglês Online a gente discute a experiência de assistir filmes ou seriados em inglês com nossos aparelhinhos conectados do nosso lado.


Hey, everyone, what’s up? Today we have a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline.

So this week I was listening to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts when one of the hosts brought up an interesting topic. He basically asked the other hosts if they thought our generation is different from the generations that came before us in that we watch movies at home, with our mobile devices nearby, and we don’t spend one hundred percent of the time focused on the movie. Can you relate? I know I can. If I’m home and watching some movie or TV show and I got my iPod near me, it won’t be long till I start looking stuff up. It won’t be long till I fire up  the browser and google something.

Think about your own behavior while watching a movie; especially when you’re home. Do you have a smartphone? Do you use it while you’re watching the movie? Do you look stuff up? Or are you a hundred percent focused on the film?

Here’s what one of the other hosts said; and I’ll paraphrase. He said that he and his family had a conversation about this on Thanksgiving and his uncle is of the opinion that when you watch a movie, you should do it like you’re in a theater. In other words, you should give a hundred percent of your attention to it. No iPad, no looking stuff up.

Honestly, nowadays I think that is almost impossible for me. When I’m at the movie theater, yes. I’m focused – if I think the movie’s interesting, that is. When I’m home, though… No way. First of all, if I think the movie is boring, I’ll fast forward through the boring part. Yep, it’s kinda difficult for me to sit through a whole movie. What about you?

So back to the podcast hosts: one other host said something that I could have said, “I think when you’re home it’s a lot easier to think “Who is that actor?” and pull it up while you’re watching the show.” Again: I think when you’re home it’s a lot easier to think “Who is that actor?” and pull it up while you’re watching the show. “Pull it up” – what does that mean? Here, it means something like, extract that information, get that information out of some… big pool of information. And what would be a big pool of information? The internet, of course.

Pull it up, pull something up… these are very common things to say when we’re talking about some something we searched on the internet, or some website we visited, or when someone tells you “You should check out this page about… socks I told you about” and you say “What’s the URL? Oh, socks.com, let me pull it up.” That means you gonna type the URL of the site on the browser window and hit ENTER. So now you’re pulling up socks.com. That guy from the podcast said that nowadays it’s very easy to pull up the name of an actor while you’re watching a film with that actor. Or maybe you’re a web developer who’s doing some work on a website, and when you get done you pull it up on Firefox or Chrome to see if it looks alright after all the changes you made.

So, tell me, which camp are you in? Are you always super focused through the end when watching a film, or are you the kind of person who’ll look stuff up if given the chance? You know which one I’m in – what about you? Talk to you next time.


Key expressions

  • look stuff up
  • pull (something) up



in that = no sentido de que

fire up the browser = inicie o navegador

look stuff up = procurar coisa (no Google, num dicionário, num diretório)

paraphrase (something) = dizer (algo) não necessariamente usando as mesmas palavras, ou intencionalmente de um jeito diferente, para tornar mais fácil a compreensão, por exemplo.

sit through a whole movie = ficar sentada (e assistir) um filme inteiro

Which camp are you in? = De que lado você está? Com qual dos lados você concorda?



About the Author

Ana Luiza criou um blog de dicas de inglês em 2006, e depois de muito pesquisar o que faz alguém ganhar fluência numa segunda língua, criou seu primeiro curso de inglês em 2009.

  • No, Ann.

    I am not super focused through the end when watching a film and so on when is boring, even if it is interesting,.
    Most times I cannot stand the film until the end of it, since I think things I have todo.

    Good night!

  • […] O phrasal verb sit through é usado quando você vai, por exemplo, a um cinema, palestra, teatro ou qualquer evento em que você “fica sentado até o final” mesmo que o filme, palestra ou peça teatral seja super chato. Assim, ele geralmente tem uma conotação mais para o negativo, indicando que a pessoa permaneceu até o final de algo que não foi muito agradável. A Ana Luiza fez um podcast onde ela usou esse phrasal verb – vale a pena conferir. […]

  • Giselle Souza says:

    I can get 100% concentrated on a movie, if it’s interesting.

  • Henrique Schulz says:

    That is a good podcast subject. At most I have no problem in concentrating during movies. I think the biggest problem is our impossibility to stay offline a little bit of the virtual world. If we could do it once we can get 100% concentrated watching a movie.

  • Frank says:

    hi Ana,

    in the began the podcast, you said: ” i was listening to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts”., so, what your favorite podcast?


  • Débora says:

    When I watching a film in English without subtitles in Portuguese and I don’t know a word or expression if I have the chance sometimes I pull it up while I’m watching this.

  • Andre Luiz says:

    What’s up Ana! Let me just leave a compliment for you. One more, isn’t it ?
    You definitely knock down the legend that the native speaker are better teachers, cause I can understand 100% what you are saying. You speak clearly and spontaneously, providing us awesome lessons where we can find out everything we need to improve our learning. Thank you so much and let’s move on!

    obs: I couldn’t find any paypal button for donations or something like that on your website. I suppose that could be a good idea. What do you thing about it?

    • Ana Luiza says:

      Hi André,

      Thank you very much ;) Super glad to know the site’s been helpful.
      No donation button as yet, but take a look at the Curso Básico and tell people you know about it – that’s one GREAT way to help out!!

  • João Paulo says:

    Hi Ana!

    How have you been? I often listen to podcasts and I’d like to know which one you listen to. It’s a little bit hard to me to find good podcasts on the internet.


  • This course is realy very wel. I love it.Congratulation.

  • Adriano says:

    the ingles online app for android since last update does’t work at all. D:
    Can you contact the developper to fix it? i have already sent a feedback from my mobile 2 weeks ago, but so far it has not been solved. thanks.

    • Ana Luiza says:

      It’s been fixed but the next version is yet to be released. Hopefully you’ll be able to use it then.

  • @julianinhamatos says:

    Actually I used being focused when I’m watching movie ’cause I rarely have free time to spend it with myself… So sometimes it’s good to be relaxed and a little out of the World.

  • André says:

    Hi, Ana! How are you doing?

    I’d like to see your last post about “gorjeta”, but I can’t. I tried to do it, but the web page didn’t open.

    Ok, about this posture or attitude that you mentioned here, well, I believe that nowadays it is very common. However, sometimes it’s bored and dangerous.
    If I’m watching something that I’ve just watched or a bored news, film etc, I don’t have any problem in to be online look stuff up, or study, by the way, here in “Inglês online”
    But if it’s the first time that I’m watching a good movie, I prefer to be focused.
    I don’t have smart phone yet, but I think that it’s an excellent tool. However, it shouldn’t be more important than people

  • Luis says:

    Sometimes I can get 100% concentrated on a movie I’m watching, but the opposite can also happen often because it’s very common I do a lot of things at the same time.

    • nelma cristina says:

      Ana Luiza
      I tought I was completely concentrated on a movie, but this weekend I saw it´s not true.
      I can’t stand de fight scenes, when people break everything around. Usually these scenes last for
      many minutes. Then, I go to have something or just do anything else.


  • jennifer says:

    My oldest daugther,who has 22 years old,never can give one hundred percent of her attention neither when she is on the internet or watching wherever film.About myself,I am the focused kinda guy,althoug,nowadays it can be a fault.Great podcast.Kisses!!!

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