Como falo em inglês: Encontrei isso por acaso

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Feb 09
Como falo em inglês Encontrei isso por acaso

Hey, everyone. Neste episódio, falo sobre dois idioms em inglês com a palavra chance.


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So let’s get started today with a very simple and very useful expression that I don’t hear a lot when Brazilians speak English. So take a listen to this episode and start noticing every time you hear this term from here on out so you get used to it. I’m talking about the expression by chance. Have you heard it before? If you’re used to watching films or TV shows in English and paying attention to what is actually being said, chances are… you’ve heard “by chance” before.

“By chance” means accidentally; without planning. For example, I’m reading a book now that I found by chance at a used-books shop. I didn’t know I was gonna find it – it was a complete surprise. In fact, I wasn’t even looking for it. I’d tried to find this book before but quickly realized it was out of print. So one day I walked into a used-books shop just to check their stuff out and stumbled upon this book. I found it by chance.

Someone posted this on Twitter: “The best things in life don’t happen by chance; they happen because you worked for them.” What do you think? I think it depends. Some great things happen in our lives by chance (obviously, that’s true for bad things as well.) Some people are born into a great family, for example. Some people are born with great musical talent. Others are born with a gift for sports. All that happens by chance, right? Or does it? What do you think? Now, it’s true that you can achieve lots of amazing goals if you work hard for them. You can build a great career. You can become a specialist in something if you study hard. You can learn a second language! So those results won’t happen by chance, of course! Here’s what someone said: “My life experience has taught me that nothing happens by chance.” I guess it depends on your view of the world, or your beliefs.

So our second idiom for this episode is kind of a funny one. Here it goes: fat chance. Yep, fat chance. Fat chance this is gonna happen. You think your friend is going to lend you money? Fat chance… The expression “fat chance” is used in a sarcastic way. The word fat here is equivalent to large, or big or something like that. So it’s like you’re saying “Oh, really… There’s a great chance that this is going to happen.” Only you’re saying it in a sarcastic way so what you mean is… you guessed it, the opposite. What you think is that there’s actually no chance that that thing is gonna happen… And that’s where “fat chance” comes in.

Your friend says “Do you think I’m gonna win the lottery this week?” You say “Fat chance.” Mark thinks he’s getting a promotion next month. “Fat chance… He got hired just two weeks ago.” Do you think we can get cheap tickets for the next World Cup? Fat chance… Can we plan a one-month long vacation for twenty dollars? Fat chance.

So what are your examples? Where in your life would you use the idiom “by chance”? Please tell me about it in the comments and talk to you next time!


Key terms

  • by chance
  • fat chance



from here on out = daqui por diante

chances are = é provável que

Or does it? = Ou será que não?

carlos 29/06/2016

Si quieres aprender ingles te recomiendo Prely:és-online que te ofrece aprender inglés on line con destacados profesores en la enseñanza del idioma.

EDER 25/03/2015

By chance, I realized that we use very often this term , fat chance, when we say “até parece”.

    Ana 07/04/2015

    Great, Eder! That’s it!

Fatima Regina 26/02/2015

Hi Ann! How are you?

“I believe that there are something in our lives that happen by chance, but I also believe that there are ones that have already been determined by God to happen in our lives.”

Júlia 24/02/2015

I love to learn with inglesonline. Great tip!

Ailson Calaça 22/02/2015

In a beautiful day I was walking around my neighborhood and found a ten reals bill by chance. I was lucky in that day.

Jennifer 20/02/2015

Hi Ana! I think just like you. Some things in ours lives happen by chance. Others, we have to work hard to get it.So, we must being grateful for all the blessing we have and figth for what we want. Just God give us things for free. Bye!!

Valter 19/02/2015

Sometimes I listen to music on streaming music sites and after few minutes I find cool musics by chance.

Someone asked me, If every week I betted 2 reais on megasena, I would win the lottery? I said: Fat chance.

jonata fontela 12/02/2015

Well… I found your website by chance on the internet some time ago and have learned a lot from it since then!!!
.. oh and finally I got the expression..chances are…. thanks…hehe

Conchita 10/02/2015

Hello, Ana! I’m tennis player. I’ll play tennis Saturday with number one Paulista’s ranking. My husband asked me if I’ll win. I said: Fat chance!!!

Alana 09/02/2015

Hello Ana! I love your posts! Thank you! I think nothing happening in our life by chance. I credit it is part from our effort and another one from the Divine mercy. As you say, depend on our beliefs… Cheers!

Tawer 09/02/2015

Great post, inglesonline always present in my daily english learning. Thanks!

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