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Podcast: Give it a shot!

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Feb 03
Inglês - Podcast Give it a shot!

Hoje o podcast fala de expressões com a palavra SHOT relacionadas a tentar ou experimentar alguma coisa nova.


Hi, how are you? This is another episode of the Inglesonline podcast. To listen to and download previous episodes and trancripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Inglesonline podcast. Today I’m gonna talk about a few expressions with the word SHOT, s-h-o-t. These expressions usually come from sports… “A shot” could be translated as “um arremesso”, for example. But even if you’re not into sports, these expressions are all very,very common. So let’s take a look at “give something a shot”. That means you’re making an attempt at something, or maybe you’re trying something to see whether you like it or not. You don’t know if you’ll be successful, or… you don’t know if you will like it, but you’re giving it a shot.

So, it’s very common to hear this: “Give it a shot!” A person will say this to you when they want to encourage you to try something or to make an attempt at doing something. You’re undecided, you know? You’re not sure whether you wanna do it or not. Maybe you’re feeling a little insecure, you may be afraid of something, or you may be thinking that you’re not going to like the end result, so you are hesitating. And this person wants to encourage you because he or she knows that it’s not that difficult or that the end result will be good, so they say “Give it a shot!” Come on, give it a shot.

So let’s say that the thing you’re hesitating to do is… starting an exercise program. There’s a new gym in your neighborhood and you pass by it every day on your way to work, and you’ve been thinking… Should I join the gym? Should I? But I don’t like gyms, I hate exercising. Well, on the other hand, physical activity is a great thing, it’s so healthy. Yeah, but every time I join a gym, I end up quitting after a month. And then you tell your coworkers about it and they say Come on, give it a shot. It’s a really good gym. Just give it a shot! Just try it for a month“.

OK. So you decide you’re going to give it a shot and so you finally join the gym. You arrive at the office and you tell your coworkers I’ve just joined that gym! I’m not a hundred percent sure I’m gonna like it, but I joined anyway. I’m gonna give it a shot. And your corworker Bob says “Hey, give it your best shot, OK? Now that you have joined, give it your best shot”.

What does that mean, “give it your best shot”? That means try your best, you know? Put some effort into it. Give it your best shot. Now that you have joined, you know, you’re a gym member anyway, so give it your best shot. Try to enjoy the gym and go there often and exercise. Try to enjoy it, give it your best shot. Now that you have joined, now that you’re a gym member, do the best you can. Give it your best shot.

OK. So two months go by and you’re doing your best. You’re trying to go to the gym at least three times a week. You’re doing aerobics, you’re doing the weights, you’re working out at least three times a week. You’re giving it your best shot, really. But… you’re miserable. You don’t like going to the gym. You never did! You can’t explain it. You just don’t like it. You think working out is boring. Yeah, you know it’s healthy but you still think it’s boring. So after two months, you quit. You quit the gym, and you’re OK with it. You’re not feeling bad about it or anything, because you gave it your best shot.

So you tell your coworker Bob that you quit. And Bob asks “Why did you quit? I thought you liked that gym!”. And you say “Me? I don’t like any gyms. I hate them! I hate exercising. But I gave it a shot. Actually, I gave it my best shot”. And then you say to Bob “You know what, Bob? That was a long shot”.

So what is a “long shot”? A long shot is something that has only a small chance of being successful. A long shot is something that is probably not going to work. When something is a long shot, chances are it is not going to happen the way you wanted. It’s like a basketball player standing very far from the basket. So he throws the ball, and it’s a long shot. Why? Because he’s far away from the basket. It’s a long shot, chances are he is not going to score because he is standing so far from the basket.

So, you becoming a gym member and trying to exercise often? That was long shot. You tried… but deep down you knew. You never liked gyms, you never liked exercising. So, it was a long shot. You tried, but it was a long shot.

Alright, so tell us in the comments about a time when you gave something a shot. It could be a class, a sport, anything. You gave it a shot, so tell us what happened! Talk to you next time.

Key expressions

  • give it a shot
  • give it your best shot
  • that was a long shot


you’re making an attempt at = você está fazendo uma tentativa de (fazer)

whether you like it or not = se você gosta (daquilo) ou não

two months go by = dois meses se passam

deep down = lá no fundo

  • Ph says:

    I gave a shot to english language when I was about 9 years old and I felt in love for it!

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Hi everyone – great comments!! I loved reading your examples. Lots of you are giving something a shot.

    Notice how we give (something) a shot. Ex.: I’ll give IT a shot.

    @Jair: thanks! I’ll make the correction.

    @Camila: what a coincidence! I gave piano a shot when I was a child. It was a shot that lasted 7 years… but I wasn’t really into it.

  • Camila says:

    Hi Ana,
    My mother appreciates people that play the piano and she always said I should try. I gave it a shot but I really don`t like it.

  • Antonio Sergio says:

    very very good this lesson the English,I thank’s teacher Ana

  • Carlos says:

    Hi teacher Ana,

        Some times I thought learning English as a Second Language is a long shot,but that isn’t another way,we have to strive hard to achieve ours future goals.

  • alysson says:

    Hey everyone,
    Hi Ana

    when i start the gym was just a long shot, because i don’t like to feel stuck in a place. So, after 3 months i give up and decided don’t came back.However i also decided make some workout such as run and play football.

    See you

  • Glau Ribeiro says:

    Ok. I have some problems with exercises. I hate gyms and I hate exercises but I need to do because I’m overweight. So, I decide to start my exercise program last month.

    I’m giving my best shot!

  • Marianna says:

    I joined the gym last week. It was always a problem to me keep on it.But now I’m giving it a shot! smile

  • Jair Alarcón says:

    I forgot… I will give a shot next week, I will start my Jiu-Jitsu classes! =D

  • Jair Alarcón says:

    I guess you typed “trows” wrong, I guess is “throws”… I like so much your podcasts, you have a cute voice and I can understand all! See you later, bye!

  • Suenia Fernanda says:

    É impressionante como com um vocabulário básico agente consegue deduzir o resto das palavras e entender o conteúdo do texto. Acho que os maiores segredos são a disposição para entender (sem preconceitos) e a concentração no que está sendo apresentado, principalmente no contexo, seja escrito ou falado.

    That’s all,

    Thank You!

  • Marco Brainiac says:

    Hi Ana,

    Well I’d like to show you a example of wrong translation in thissong Was translated like to claim by bullet.

    Now in Portuguese it would be “me dá uma chance” and not ” me dê um tiro”

    Katy (Give Me A Shot)
    The Scene Aesthetic


  • Luciano says:

    Hi Ana!
    Thanks for your new episode. It’s great!
    I will try to give it a shot starting the exercise in the gym today smile Good luck for me!

  • I was unemployed and it was difficult to be hired to do what I liked that was deal with people, then appeared an opportunity to sales. I don’t like to sales, but some friends said I need to try and to give a shot. Then I accepted the position, but after four months I concluded that I hate to sell and I just give a shot.

  • Rogério says:

    Hi Ana,
    I went to the doctor and he said I’m overweight and that I should start a diet, but I’ve always liked to eat everything I wanted and I don’t have any free time to work out. So for the sake of my health I decided to give it a shot and started to eat only healthy food, It’s difficult but I’m giving my best shot, I don’t know how long I can stand. rsrsrsrs

  • Luiz Carlos de Souza says:

    My friends usually wake up early morning to jogging in the park next home. Once a while they invite me to join, and I always say no…and they reply “Give it a shot, man! it is the best way to loose this fat-belly”.

  • Ira says:

    Well Ana, like in your example gym is always an issue for me. So I’m giving it a shot and it’s my best shot. Hopefully this time around it won’t be a long shot.

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