Como digo em inglês: Quase morri de tédio

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Jul 18
Como digo em inglês Quase morri de tédio

Hey, everyone. Nesse episódio do podcast Inglês Online eu falo sobre expressões relacionadas à palavra boring (chato, entediante).


Hi, all. What’s up? Today we have a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to and click Podcast Inglesonline.

Are you familiar with the word “boring”? If you’ve been in contact with English for longer than, let’s say, four or five months, chances are you’ve heard this word before. Boring. Boring is an adjective and it describes something – or someone – that, in your opinion, is uninteresting, tedious maybe, or even dull.

So people can say “That movie was boring. I almost fell asleep halfway through”. Or someone might ask you “Why are you so boring today? You haven’t said a word the whole afternoon!” What are some boring things in your opinion? Think of the last boring movie you watched. Alright. Now let’s get to some expressions involving the word ‘boring’ or a related word.

I’ve already talked about the expression bored to tears in a previous episode. That means, like, super bored. You’re almost crying, you’re so bored. Here’s a similar expression: bored to death. That’s extreme, right? It’s like you’re saying, this situation is so boring that I’m dying of boredom. Let me give you an example: many people enjoy action movies a lot, and they’re not used to watching movies that are more dialogue-based. You know, films where most scenes are about the characters talking. Some movies are like that: they don’t have a lot of action and they’re all about the conversation. Many people who grew up watching action movies full of explosions and car chasing aren’t used to slower-paced films, and therefore they find these of films super boring. They might say “I went with my friend to watch that movie and it bored me to death”.

You know one thing that bores me to death sometimes? Traveling. Sometimes, when I’m on a bus or plane, and it’s a long trip, I just get so bored after a few hours. Of course having an mp3 player with me helps relieve the boredom, but sometimes even that won’t help since I’m too sleepy to pay attention to whatever’s playing, and at the same time I’m uncomfortable in the seat, so I can’t fall asleep. That state bores me to death sometimes, cause there’s nothing I can do to accelerate the bus or the plane.

Here’s another way to say that: I was bored out of my mind last time I traveled by bus. OK, I’m exaggerating… I’m usually able to doze off for a few minutes, but in general I’ll wake up after only a few minutes and I get bored out of my mind real fast. Sometimes you hear someone say that they attended a lecture or a presentation, and it bored them out of their mind. Other people are bored out of their mind when they’re attending some kind of class they’re not interested in.

You know what else happens occasionally? You’re at a party and you don’t know anyone, and then someone walks up to you and introduces himself. Yeah, let’s say it’s a guy and his name’s Steve. So Steve starts talking and he talks, and talks, and talks, and you’re struggling to pay attention just because his topic is so boring to you. That monologue is boring you out of your mind. I have to admit: that happened to me before when I was in school, and I didn’t have the guts to excuse myself and leave. That guy went on and on about something I had zero interest in whatsoever, and I kept nodding and nodding. What’s interesting is, one of my classmates noticed I was bored out of my mind, but the guy talking to me didn’t!

And here are a couple of set phrases that are actually kind of funny. For example, if you think soccer is super boring to watch, you could say “I’d rather watch paint dry than a game of soccer”. Yep, that’s right. You think soccer is so boring that you’d rather watch paint dry. Or grass grow, that’s another one. If your friend asks you if you’re up to a game of chess and you think chess is ultra boring, you can say “No thanks. I’d rather watch grass grow than play chess”. That means watching grass grow will not be as boring to you as a game of chess.

So what about your examples? Tell us in the comments about the last time you were bored out of your mind. Talk to you next time.


Key expressions

  • boring
  • I’m bored to death
  • (that thing) bores me to death
  • I’m bored out of my mind
  • I’d rather watch paint dry or grass grow



how knowledgeable you are = o quanto você conhece

catching up = botando o papo em dia, contando as últimas

filling you in on = te contando/atualizando a respeito de

has given in to = cedeu às, sucumbiu às

whatsoever = da maneira usada aqui, whatsoever reforça que havia absolutamente zero de interesse


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Everlon 07/08/2012

Hi Ana I listened your podcast and I have remembered of an example of the movie that make sure is bored to death, at least for me, its name is the “wind took”. If you watch this movie in afternoon section it is a great reason to sleep.
Have a nice day

Ana 04/08/2012

Estou adorando ler todos os exemplos. Many thanks for leaving your examples of situations that bore you guys to death… haha!

Débora 23/07/2012

What really bores me to death a lot is when I ‘m waiting in line for a long time (at bank, for example).

Jeferson 22/07/2012

Luiza eu gostaria que você me tirasse uma dúvida sobre essa expressão: Fly by the seat of your pants. Eu a vi em um seriado americano ( John is trying to put new tiles in the bathroom, as he won’t pay for a decorator to do it. He really is flying by the seat of his pants.

João Paulo Ribeiro Rodrigues 21/07/2012

Hey guys, I love this site. Ana, you are so intelligent. Your accent is really great.
So, about boring things. When I came to the site I thought it was so funny because I had a completly boring day. I almost die. I didn’t have anything to do. So a day without something to do bores me to death!


gerson carvalho 19/07/2012

Ana, I’m glad all over with the english lessons on this site and I’m coming into closer with a modern language spoken. The materials of the texts meet the needs of ordinary day situations. Please, answear my doubt: when I must use the expression “figure out”?

    Ana 04/08/2012

    Gerson, use a busca no blog. Tem um podcast só sobre isso.

Luis 19/07/2012


1) Having Computer Networks classes is boring me to the death. I can’t take it anymore!!!!! I make a big effort to pay attention to what the professor is saying, but I cannot get concentrated. Listening to his voice make me get asleep.

2) Doing nothing sometimes is very boring to me, so when I’m not busy I look for something useful to do.

I really liked this episode!!!!!!

Thais Antunes 19/07/2012

Something that bores me to death is when I’m in the bus reading the end of a perfect book, and suddenly arrives someone that I don’t like so much. So, this person start a conversation with me and I’m not interesting at all. I’d rather watch grass grow than speak with him or her.

Glenda Vieira 19/07/2012

I have a doubt.. the expresssion related with the topic “quase morri de tédio” is “bored to death” or ” bored out of you mind” ???

    Ana 19/07/2012

    Hi Glenda,
    Both expressions communicate “quase morri de tédio”, ou “o negócio era tão chato que (complete qualquer coisa)”.

      Americo Serrano 02/09/2012

      ola Ana luiza boa noite
      Gostava de trocar contigo impreessões sobre a lingua inglesa pode ser?
      Vivo em portugal sou amante da lingua inglesa do qual gosto muito
      Escreve-me para combinarmos sim?
      meu e-mail é:
      saudações de Portugal

Vittoria da Paz 18/07/2012

Hello Ana,
I’m feeling very borow because I speak a lot, understood? Some things are extremmely boring…like my brother some times!! LOL!! Well, I don’t speak English very well. but I love this lessons online, help me a lot !!!! Bye Ana
See you later…Kisses :*

Maicon 18/07/2012

Hi Ana,

I felt myself bored when once time I went to visit my aunt with my mother. The both of two started to talk, talk and talk, it was just boring subject (Womens Subjects)…What a boring!!!!…never more I went to visit my aunt…kkkkkkkkkk…I hope that nobody through for this…

Kisses for you!!!!!!

    Ana 04/08/2012

    Hahaha… that made me laugh… I mean, I think everyone can relate!

Jackeline 18/07/2012

Hello Ana,

Is a pleasure for me, can learn english in this site because it is wonderful. I’ve been through many boring situations in my life, but what more happen with me is watch some lectures in my college, because they are bored to death! It seems that the time is dragging, so I say: Oh my God, it’s super bored. I’d rather watch grass grow than watch these lectures.


Carlos C. Coelho 18/07/2012

Hi there, it’s my first time here and I liked this podcast so much. You have a very nice accent, I could understand everything, very clearly. Now I’m going to explore the whole site.

Talking about boring things, waiting in line for a long time really bores me to the death.

Hope you continue this great work you’ve been doing.



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