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Inglês com Cartoons #83: Here’s your package

By Ana | Inglês com Cartoons

Aug 19

Inglês com Cartoons #83Hi, everyone! No cartoon de hoje, como sempre, temos uma imagem com uma fala, perguntas e um exemplo. Você usa a imaginação para dar suas próprias respostas em inglês nos comentários.


(a) Who’s the present for? Pra quem é o presente?

(b) What’s in the package?  O que está no pacote?

(c) What is the woman who bought the present going to do now? O que a mulher que comprou o presente vai fazer agora?

Minhas respostas

(a) The present is to… herself. She bought herself a present. She does that every Christmas, in addition to buying presents for her family. O presente é… para ela mesma. A mulher comprou um presente para ela mesma. Ela faz isso todo Natal, além de comprar presente pra família dela.

(b) A beautiful hat. Um lindo chapeu.

(c) She’ll be shopping for the rest of the day. She’s going to try and find other presents for herself and her family. Ela vai continuar fazendo compras pelo resto do dia. Ela vai tentar achar mais presentes para ela e sua família.


                 E você? Quais seriam as suas respostas?

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E aqui vai o PDF com o cartoon anterior – Here are your curtains – com todas as respostas (editadas quando necessário) para quem quiser guardar.


    a) The present is for her husband.
    b)There is a nice and expensive coat with a love card.
    c)She is going to her house, because she planned a wonderful love dinner with her husband, and she will enjoy the opportunity to give the gift that she bought at the mall will all care.

  • Luiz says:

    My answer:

    a) This present is for my son, her name is Gustavo.
    b) A beautifull picture.
    c) She´s going to hairdresser, for cut her hair .

  • Priscila says:

    A) That gift is for her new boyfriend that she only know of a chat at the internet.

    B) She bought a perfume by a expensive brand.

    C) She’s going to take a flight to a Caribbean beach where she will meet Joe for first time.

  • Valter says:

    a)The present is for her niece.Tomorrow is anniversary of hers.
    b)It’s a wallet, because a couple of months ago, she said that wanted a new one.
    c) She is going to her house, after a plenty of time searching for present, she feels so tired.

  • Gtoni says:

    A) For her husband who is getting older today. He is 37 years old now, so she is preparing a surprise for him.
    B) It’s a tablet because he wants one a lot.
    C) She is going to go to her house to prepare the surprise for her husband.

  • Luis says:

    These are my examples:

    a) The present is for her friend Lisa.

    b) There’s a new iPhone in the package.

    c) She’s gonna go to Lisa’s home to give her the present.

  • Julio says:

    a) The present is for her father.
    b) There is a digital camera in package.
    c) She is going father´s home for give the present.

    Doubt: What is the woman who bought the present going to do now?

    This “is” after the “What” is correct? Should not be “What the woman…”?


  • Minhas Respostas :
    (a) The woman bought a present for her son, his name is Gabriel. Gabriel always want to buy a new video-game, it’s (poderia usar called? )Playstation 3.
    (b) One Amazing present . PLAYSTATION 3.
    (c) She really need gonna home because today is her son byrthday, and she want to prepare everything without somehelp.

  • carla fontes says:

    a) The woman bought a present for her daughter.

    b) It is a beautiful and red bag

    c) She will go to take a cup of coffee and after will see her daughter to give the present.

  • Débora says:

    a) It’s for her daughter, her birthday is coming up soon.
    b) A cute doll.
    c) She is going home. Her daughter is with the babysitter now and she needs to arrive at home as soon as possible.

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