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By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Nov 02
Inglês - Podcast Put someone on a pedestal

Hi, everyone. O episódio de hoje é sobre duas expressões em inglês que tem a ver com idolatrar uma pessoa, chegando ao ponto de achar que a pessoa é perfeita e nunca faz nada errado. Que tal? :)


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So today I’d like to talk about two terms, or expressions that are related, really. I’m sure every one of you will be able to relate and find examples in your own lives. These are the expressions: the first one is put someone on a pedestal; the second one is this person can do no wrong. Can you guess what the meaning is for the expression “to put someone on a pedestal”?

That’s when you believe someone is perfect. And if you put someone on a pedestal it can also mean you think they are superior to the rest; they’re just a superior being. In general, though, putting someone on a pedestal just means you glorify that person, you idealize them to the point you see them as perfect.

But we know no one is perfect, right? That’s the thing. So… I have examples in my life of someone who puts someone else on a pedestal. Yeah, let’s say Person X puts Person Z on a pedestal. Person X idealizes Person Z so much that no one can say the slightest negative thing about Person Z – Person X will get very angry if she hears it. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be negative. Sometimes, when someone makes a light-hearted comment about Person Z, Person X gets furious. You can’t even joke about Person Z when Person X is around. Although I suspect that’s more of an issue concerning Person X’s sense of humor, or lack thereof…

So, yeah. Person X definitely puts Person Z on a pedestal. Person X thinks Person Z is perfect. That is a true example from my own life. Can you think of people you know that behave like that? Maybe it’s someone in your family; maybe it’s one of your friends or coworkers. Can you think of anyone in your circles that puts a certain person on a pedestal? They just think that person is perfect. They think that person can do no wrong.

And that is the second expression of today. That person can do no wrong. When you put someone on a pedestal, that usually means that you think that person can do no wrong. What does that mean? That means that whatever that person decides, whatever they do, you think they’re right. You think they’ve made the right decision. You never think they’ve made a mistake. You would never think they’re wrong. You love them, or you admire them so much, that even if they make an unexpected decision or decide to take a weird course of action, you’ll understand. You would never doubt their decisions!

This is someone you put on a pedestal and, to you, they can do no wrong. They’re always right, you love every word they utter. They can do no wrong in your book. Have you ever idolized someone like that? Maybe it was your first teacher; maybe a friend; or perhaps it was a girlfriend or boyfriend. You put them on a pedestal; they could do no wrong. 

Please give us your own examples in the comments. It would be interesting to hear different stories – I’m sure everyone can relate to these two expressions. Talk to you next time!


  • put someone on a pedestal
  • can do no wrong



light-hearted = sem malícia, bem humorado, inocente

lack thereof = falta de (no caso, senso de humor)

utter = dizem, vocalizam

Ana 19/11/2013

Well, It is really very frustrated when someone worship so much something or someone. In truth there are nothing so perfect that can’t have any defect.

Vera Graña 16/11/2013

I strongly desagreen about putting someone on a pedestal. I see everybody make mistakes, all of us are mortal.


Cicero Rodrigues 08/11/2013

Hi there,

It’s nice to be here again.

First of all, nobody is perfect, right? Even though I can admire some people for their actions and behavior, I’d never put them on a pedestal, because they’re human being and, as such, they can make mistakes. By the way, mistakes are important in our lives and we can improve ourselves by making mistakes.

Take care!

    Ana 08/11/2013

    Great comment, Cicero. Agreed!

Débora 06/11/2013

I know people that put a certain person on a pedestal, even though this person do wrong.

    Ana 08/11/2013

    Hi Débora,
    Yep, I think everyone can relate to this one!

Fátima Regina 05/11/2013

There are some people who think that they are on pedestral. They think that they are superior to the other people.
An this is wrong, we cannot act this way, since we are equal before God.

Thanks Ann, for your podcasts; they have been helping me to improve my english.

    Ana 08/11/2013

    No problem, Fátima, glad to know you enjoy them. Stick around!

Jennifer 05/11/2013

Hi, Ana!!To put someone on pedestal is, in my opinion, at most of the time, teenager thing.But I do know people who does it regarding another people.That annoy me too much that I never mentioning the person name around her.Blind people are everywhere. Kisses! Take care!!

    Ana 08/11/2013

    haha… may be, but it’s not just teenagers, I’m telling ya :)

Rafael 04/11/2013

Great podcast, hey Ana I’d like you to know that I’m a huge fan of your podcasts, you’re always helping me out with my doubts and all the topics of your podcats are very interesting, I am pretty sure that you’re not only helping me, but everyone who’s really interested in studying English, I can’t help listening every new podcast you make, they’re very helpful and they’re always teaching me something new, please, never stop doing this great job, congrats :)

    Ana 08/11/2013

    Great, Rafael, thanks for your message – really happy to know it’s helpful :)

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