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By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Dec 27
Inglês - Podcast That’s a good thing in my book

Hi, there. Nesse episódio do podcast Inglês Online eu falo sobre expressões em inglês com a palavra book.


Hello, there. Today we have a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline.

How about we take a quick look at a couple of very simple expressions with the word “book”? And I’ll go straight to the example so you get the meaning of the first expression. Let’s say you’re talking to your friend Leslie about this guy, Michael. Leslie is saying that Michael is eighteen years old and doesn’t want to go to college because he thinks working is more important than getting a formal education. Many people criticised his decision, but Leslie’s opinion on this matter is that someone who is willing to take on a job and work hard is an admirable person.

You have the opposite opinion, though: you think everyone who’s around Michael’s age should concentrate on studying, on getting an education. You think Michael is just looking for an excuse to not go to college. In your opinion, college is hard work and he’s trying to avoid it. Well, Leslie strongly disagrees. She says “Michael isn’t a lazy guy. He’s only eighteen and he’s already got a job. He’s a hard worker and very independent. That is a pretty great thing to do at his age in my book”.

Again: Leslie said “That is a pretty great thing to do in my book”. In my book… what does that mean? Is she an author, has she written books? Nope, not likely. That’s an expression which pretty much means “in my opinion, according to what I believe, according to my values”. That’s a great thing in my book means, in my opinion that’s a great thing. As I see it, that’s a great thing. So that’s a really good thing in my book.

Here are more examples I found on Internet forums: one guy said he went shopping for a guitar and found one that was really heavy. He then said that that was not a bad thing in his book, since he has a preference for heavy guitars. According to what he thinks, according to his views and to what he believes, heavy guitars are a good thing. Heavy guitars are not a bad thing in his book.

People also say “Not in my book” to communicate “Not in my opinion, not according to my views”. One example: I was reading a website that allows people to book hotels online. OK, this is another meaning for the word “book”. That means “make a reservation”. So after someone has had their stay in a hotel, they can go back to this website and leave a review. In other words, they can evaluate the hotel and write about what they thought was good and bad about their stay. One person said that the hotel advertised itself as “trendy”. What does trendy mean? When something’s trendy, that means it represents or displays or is built according to the latest fashion trends; it’s modern; it’s hip and so on.

Well, that person said that this hotel promoted itself as trendy, and then he said in his review “Trendy hotel? Not in my book”. So according to what he understands as trendy, hmm… that hotel is not trendy. Not in his book. He went on to explain: he said that the room was dusty, worn and there were lots of cobwebs on the curtains. Yeah, I guess that would not be trendy in my book either. What do you think?

So how about I ask you a few questions and you give me your answers saying something like “Yeah, that’s a good thing in my book” or  “She’s a really brave girl in my book” or “Not in my book”… or something along those lines?

  • Jake got rid of everything he owned. He sold his apartment, his car and gave away most of his possessions. Why? Because he decided to take a trip around the world carrying only a backpack. What do you think about that?
  • Laura quit her old job, where she made a lot of money, and took a position with a smaller company for half her old salary. That’s right, she now makes only 50% of what she earned at the old job. Why did she do that? Because she felt unhappy and unfulfilled at the old company. The new job is less demanding and she’s enjoying it way more. What’s your opinion on Laura’s decision?
  • Daryl used to drive to work every day. Last week he sold his car and bought a bicycle. He now cycles to work, and …. everywhere, really. The commute to work isn’t really appropriate for cyclists: it’s kinda dangerous, but Daryl doesn’t care. He loves riding his bike. What do you think?
Let us know what you think in the comments! Talk to you next time.

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Key expressions

  • Not in my book
  • That’s ……… in my book

getting a formal education = fazer faculdade ou outro curso de formação reconhecido, oficial

worn = usado, gasto

cobwebs = teias de aranha

Mattheus 19/02/2013

Jake shouldn’t has sold his apartment in my book, it’s too dangerous don’t have a place to live in. If it was me, I would know whole world on Google Earth, abd better, it’s free. rsrs, Just kidding.
Laura did the right choice. We only have one life, doesn’t make sense working in something we don’t feel motivated in my book.
Darly is a bit crazy in my book. I think he breath a lot of pollution.


Parabéns pelo material desse site, vai fazer 2 anos que estou fazendo aula com professor particular e eu tenho dificuldade para enterder a conversação, vc tem algum material que a leitura do audio está mais lenta?


    Ana 10/01/2013

    Oi Marcelo,
    Acho q os podcasts do início estão com o inglês mais lento – dê uma olhada lá.

Francisco Sant'Anna 07/01/2013

Hi Ana!

Jak’s behave is in my book, I think when Jake sold everthing is a good idea because what’s de most important for hin in that moment is travel around de word so he onw and go for.

Laura’s opinion no in my book, maybe Laura had to take 30 days of vacation and at last she could rest and charge her anergy.

Darly is in my book he decided sold his car and start to riding his bike, it’s so health but he can to avoid de trafic and take care because is very dangerous too.

Thanks Ana I listened all your podcasts and I love your sait is great I learned a lot of things!!

    Ana 10/01/2013

    Agreed! I wouldn’t do what Daryl did where I live.

Débora 03/01/2013

I don’t agree with Jake. Not in my book.
Laura made a perfect decision in my book.
Daryl is such a crazy man in my book. lol

Gra 02/01/2013

O que significa “hi, there” ou “hello, there”?
Não consegui encontrar uma tradução correta.
Seria “oi, lá” ou “olá”,
“hello, there” seria “olá, lá”, não entendi.

    Ana 10/01/2013

    A tradução é Olá, ou Olá, vocês.

    Tradução palavra por palavra frequentemente não funciona, Gra.

Douglas 01/01/2013

Daryl did a great thing in my book whereas Jake is kinda crazy in my book :)

Your podcasts are simply amazing!

Alexandre 30/12/2012

Among all of them I would choose as a brave action Daryl’s one! Nowdays, it’s not easy to give up a vehicle and get a bicicle for going through the city. I don’t know if I would have this courage!

By the way, congratulations for your website, Ana!
All the best for you in this new year!

    Ana 10/01/2013

    Agreed, Alexandre… It depends on where you’re biking.

Al 30/12/2012

The Jake’s decision isn’t great in my book. Unless he plans become a travel books author and has talent for this.
In my book, the Laura’s decision, is great, because be happy and fulfilled in the job is the principal in the career.
About the Daryl’s decision I am half to half. I wonder if was better use public transportation in face the danger.

    Ana 10/01/2013

    People like Jake usually become book authors! (like that woman from Eat Pray Love)

João Paulo 30/12/2012

Jake’s a crazy guy in my book. I would never do something like that. If he wants to know the world I’m sure that there are better ways to do that.
I think what Laura did was good but if I was her… I didn’t quit my old job.
Daryl did an amazing thing. He’s contributing for the world in my book. The earth thanks him. It helps him to keep a good health as well.

Tania 28/12/2012

Jake, Laura and Daryl did pretty greats things in my book !

Al 28/12/2012

The Jake’s decision isn’t great in my book. Unless he plans become a travel books author and has talent for this.
In my book, the Laura’s decision, is great, because be happy and fulfilled in the job is the principal in the career.
About the Daryl’s decision I am half to half. I wonder if was better use public transportation in face the danger.

P.S.: Excuse me, why the homepage is not being updated?

    Ana 10/01/2013

    It is being updated, Al… why did you get the impression that it wasn’t?

Dinho 27/12/2012

Good Night Ana, my name is Dinho.
Durante o tempo que você mandou as mensagem com dicas de inglês para mim eu no começo estava até estudando até que um dia eu parei de estudar, foi muita burrice minha ter parado de estudar, já estar com algum tempo que eu voltei a estudar inglês gostaria de saber sé tem como você enviar em pdf desde a primeira aula para meu e-mail óu algum link para que eu possa baixar e estudar em casa tanto o Áudio como o pdf, fico muito grato você e uma das pessoas que dar a oportunidade para o conhecimento, espero que me ajude e dessa vez eu estou me dedicando com o que eu tenho no meu pc e preciso de mais material para ajudar no meu desenvolvimento muito obrigado.

    Ana 10/01/2013

    OI Dinho

    Os Pdfs e áudios estão aí; vc é que tem que baixar, OK?

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