Exercício de inglês: Comparative Adjectives

Complete os espaços com o comparative adjective correto. Por exemplo, smaller (para 'small') e more intelligent (para 'intelligent').

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As respostas estão no final do exercício.
1. My city is (old) than yours.

2. Jane is (pretty) than Melissa.

3. Kevin is (attractive) than John.

4. Dogs are usually (heavy) than cats.

5. Watching a film in DVD is (cheap) than going to the theater.

6. This comedian is so funny! He's even (funny) than the one we saw yesterday.

7. This brand of pastry is (good) than the brand I usually buy.

8. The book I'm reading is much (interesting) than all the books I've read in the past.

9. Italian is much (easy) to learn than German.

10. Jake is (young) than his sister.

RESPOSTAS: 1.older 2.prettier 3.more attractive 4.heavier 5.cheaper 6.funnier 7.better 8.more interesting 9.easier 10.younger

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