Gramática de Inglês: Future Simple

Complete as frases afirmativas e negativas a seguir. Use os verbos no Futuro Simples e as formas contraídas quando apropriado: I'll, you'll, won't, etc.

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- The phone is ringing!
- Don't worry, (I, answer) it.

(your idea, not, work)! It's too complicated.

- I need to leave now. Is there a bus stop nearby?
- No, but (I, give) you a ride.

(we, not, get) to the school on time. Look at the traffic!

- Paul just called: (he, be) here soon.

(we, not, start) the meeting before 2 pm. Everybody is busy right now.

I think (Sandy, have) a great time in Greece. It's a wonderful country.

If we don't give our friends a map, (they, not, know) how to get here.

- Do you really have to leave?
- Ok, (I, stay) for a few more minutes.

- I can't wait to see Mary!
- Oh, (she, not, be) at the party... She had to go on a trip.

- These bags are really heavy!
- Here, (we, help) you carry them.