Exercício de Inglês: Past Simple (verbos regulares e irregulares) 1

Complete as frases com os verbos no past simple.

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Yesterday my friend Sally and I (go) to the supermarket to buy food. We (find) everything we (want), except my favorite cookies.

John usually goes to school by bus, but yesterday he (walk) because it (be) a beautiful day.

When Mary and Jake (arrive) at the party, they (look) for Mike but couldn't find him.

We (see) Star Wars last week. I (like) it a lot, but my friends didn't.

My TV (be) broken last week, so I (read) all my magazines in my free time.

Janet (make) three delicious dishes for lunch last Saturday. We (eat) all the food - there was nothing left.

Tony and Tim (play) basketball as children. Tim also (study) French and piano.

I (lose) my wallet yesterday, but thankfully a girl from my school (find) it and (give) me a call.

When Monica and Sandra (be) children, they (have) three dogs and a bird. They (live) in a farm, so the dogs (have) a lot of space to play.

Yesterday... went, found, wanted
John... walked, was
When Mary... arrived, looked
We... saw, liked
My TV... was, read
Janet... made, ate
Tony and Tim... played, studied
I... lost, found, gave
When Monica... were, had, lived, had

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