Gramática de Inglês: Past Simple (vários verbos) 1

Complete as frases com os verbos no passado simples.

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Yesterday my friend Sally and I (go) to the supermarket to buy food. We (find) everything we (want), except my favorite cookies.

John usually goes to school by bus, but yesterday he (walk) because it (be) a beautiful day.

When Mary and Jake (arrive) at the party, they (look) for Mike but couldn't find him.

We (see) Star Wars last week. I (like) it a lot, but my friends didn't.

My TV (be) broken last week, so I (read) all my magazines in my free time.

Janet (make) three delicious dishes for lunch last Saturday. We (eat) all the food - there was nothing left.

Tony and Tim (play) basketball as children. Tim also (study) French and piano.

I (lose) my wallet yesterday, but thankfully a girl from my school (find) it and (give) me a call.

Where Monica and Sandra (be) children, they (have) three dogs and a bird. They (live) in a farm, so the dogs (have) a lot of space to play.