Gramática de Inglês: Past Simple (vários verbos) 3

Complete as frases com os verbos no passado simples.

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Jack (sell) his old car and (buy) a bigger one.

I (meet) my friends at the restaurant. We (have) lunch and then (go) to the movies.

Tina (pay) for the groceries in cash because the cashier (tell) her she couldn't accept checks.

Jonathan (teach) English for ten years. After that, he (open) his own school.

When I (throw) the ball to Sally, she (catch) it but (fall down).

Mike (lend) us his car for the day. We (have) a great time at the beach.

Jake (say) that the television (be) cheap, but it actually (cost) almost 200 dollars.

I (put) the keys on the table this morning. Where are they now?

Everybody (sing) at the karaoke last night! When we (get) home, it (be) already 2 o'clock in the morning.