Gramática de Inglês: Past Simple (vários verbos) 4

Complete as frases com os verbos no passado simples.

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I (spend) a lot of money last week, so this weeked I didn't go out: I (stay) home all the time.

We (drive) all the way to São Paulo last Saturday. When we (get) there we (visit) some friends and then (go) shopping.

Somebody (steal) my bike yesterday, so this morning I (take) the bus to school.

I (hear) what you (say), but I think you're wrong.

We (eat) at our friends' house yesterday. Later, we all (help) them with the cleaning.

Last time I (fly) to Los Angeles, I (sit) beside a famous artist and we (talk) for hours.

- I (send) you an e-mail this morning. Did you receive it?
- I (get) it. I (write) you an answer about ten minutes ago.

When I (leave) to school this morning, I (forget) to shut the front door, so when I (come) home it (be) open.