Gramática de Inglês: Present Continuous com significado futuro

Complete as frases e perguntas a seguir. Use os verbos no Presente Contínuo (significado futuro) e as formas contraídas: I'm going, he's doing, we're eating, etc.

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- What (you, do) tonight?
- (I, stay) home. I need to study.

- Hey, let's go to the movies Saturday!
- I can't. (I, go) to the beach. Do you want to come?

- (Sarah, come) to the barbecue on Tuesday?
- I don't think so. (she, have) surgery tomorrow.

- (we, play) tennis on Friday.
- (who, go) with you?
- Tina and Marsha.

(they, take) me out tomorrow. It's my birthday.

(Tim and Holly, fly) to Australia on Monday.
Really? Where (they, stay)?
At their friends' house, in Sydney.

How much money do we need to take with us?
Don't worry, (Anthony, pay) for lunch.

(we, meet) with Kyle next week to discuss the sale of our house.