Gramática de Inglês: Simple Present

Complete os espaços com a opção correta: do, does, don't, doesn't, is, isn't, are ou aren't

Clique em "Verificar" para ver o que você acertou. Clique em "Dica" para ver uma letra da resposta.
a. you like ice-cream?
Yes I . I think everybody .

b. Kim from Australia?
Nope, she actually Canadian.

c. We like the beach very much this time of the year. We prefer the mountains.
Really? Why that?
Beaches too crowded in the summer.
you always go to the mountains in the summer?
About every two years. It a shame that we have more free time to travel.

d. How often you go to the movies?
Every week or so. I like to watch all the comedies, but I really like horror movies.
Really? Horror movies my favorite ones.

e. Rose here yet. Where she?
Oh, she late because of the traffic.
Ok, we can wait. she have a car?
No, she . She always takes a cab.

f. those your friends from Spain?
They my friends, but they Spanish. They actually from Argentina.
Oh. they go to the same school that you go?
No, they students. They actually Spanish teachers.
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