Gramática de Inglês: Simple Present

Complete os espaços com a opção correta: do, does, don't, doesn't, is, isn't, are ou aren't

Clique em Verificar ver o que você acertou. Clique em "Dica" para ver uma letra da resposta.
a. - Would you like some peanuts?
- Thanks, but I eat peanuts.
- You ? Why?
- I'm allergic.

b. - Sam and Tina related?
- Yes, they cousins.

c. - Sara and Jim go to college?
- Sara , but Jim . He a lawyer and currently works for the government.

d. - you know Kate Knowles?
- I think I . she tall, with dark hair?
- That's her.

e. - everybody ready to go?
- Not yet. Jake still in the shower, and Mary and Judy cleaning the kitchen.

f. - Kevin go jogging every day?
- Yes, he . Jogging great to keep the body fit.
- I know, but it my favorite activity... I'd rather work out in a gym.

g. - Let's give Sylvia a call. Maybe she wants to have dinner with us.
- Forget it, she like Japanese food.
- Really? What kind of food she like?
- She loves Chinese. Actually, so I.

h. - Mike has a Mercedes, he?
- Yes, he . It a beautiful car.
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