Gramática de Inglês: Used to (ação repetida no passado) e Simple Present

Complete os espaços com o verbo adequado.
Por exemplo,
I used to swim every day. Now I swim only once a week.

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1. Tom (study) French when he was a child. Now he (not, have) the time anymore.

2. Jane currently (work out) three times a week. In the past she (play) tennis daily.

3. We (go) to that shopping mall every weekend. We now (spend) our weekends at the beach.

4. Tim and his brother never (watch) television now. Back when they were children, they (watch) Sesame Street every morning.

5. Jonathan (be) a regular contributor to San Francisco magazine until last year. Now he (write) articles once a month.

6. Mary (go) to that grocery shop every week. Before, she (shop) at the city market.

7. We always (practice) soccer at the club. We (do) it in a different place, but the club is much better.

8. Laura (be) an avid reader when she was a child. Now, she only (read) magazines.